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Google+ for Google Apps

When Google+ first came out, it was only offered to regular Google accounts. That is, So I signed up for it using my older account, event though I’ve been using Google Apps for Business for several years now for

It was eventually announced that Google+ was available for Google App accounts, but by this time I had already set up my account, created circles, et cetera. I didn’t want to start over.

Near the end of the post, it states:

For those of you who’ve already started using Google+ with a personal Google Account and would prefer to use your Google Apps account, we’re building a migration tool to help you move over. With this tool, you won’t have to rebuild your circles, and people who’ve already added you to their circles will automatically be connected to your new profile. We expect this migration option to be ready in a few weeks, so if you’d like, you can go ahead and get started with your Apps account today and merge your connections once the tool is available.

A migration tool, exactly what I need!

…except that post was written in October 2011. It’s currently July 2012.

Still no tool.

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